Agency KollerWeiler

Spadenteich 8
D-20099 Hamburg

Tim Koller | Harald Weiler
Tel. +49 40 524 70 18 00

Katrin Klamroth
Directors, Cinematographers, Screenwriters
Mobil +49 172 510 92 95


Please apply only after consultation by telephone and only by e-mail. Unfortunately we cannot consider applications sent by mail.

Your application must include the following:

  • at least 5 professional photos
  • at least 2 showreel scenes or a meaningful AboutMe
  • at least one recommendation from the industry

Autograph requests

Autograph requests only by mail and with a stamped envelope to the following address:

Name of the actor
c/o Agency KollerWeiler
Spadenteich 8
D-20099 Hamburg

Autograph requests by email will not be processed.